Layette: Pattern Prep

I ended up with four patterns for the sewn part of the layette:


S1330 has lap-shoulder tops, harem pants, kimono jacket, shoes and blanket. This was the only one I found at the local fabric store. The shoes are cute enough to make the purchase worthwhile.


This Oliver & s Lullaby Layette pattern is the darling of the Pinterest boards. Pants, top, romper, and jacket — and every piece is charming on the Pinterest boards.

Those two I cut right into. I’m making the small size and I can buy the pattern again when it’s time to make the larger sizes. But the other two patterns are out of print. I will therefore trace the pieces off onto parchment paper in the smallest size and save them for the larger sizes.


This makes sense for baby patterns not only because you will eventually need all the sizes, but also because you’re likely to make lots of multiples.


This one has exactly the gowns, kimono tops, and blankets I want, as well as the diaper covers.


This one has the hat with ears, the perfect sacque, a simpler kimono top, and nice pants and diaper covers. Also a sweet dress if its a girl.