I spent almost the entire day knitting. I woke at 3:58 a.m. and devoured The Last Days of Jack Sparks, a seriously creepy novel. While I read it, I got busy with the sleeves of Delish Cardigan.

After a bit I took a break and tidied up the sewing room, baked some bread, made some more lovely soap, and made some Christmas gift labels.

img_3265 I’m getting the gifts finished up well.

Back to knitting! A nap, a bit more reading, more knitting.

Then dinner, which did include some refined grains.


It also included a nice slaw with fresh mint, lemon juice, and olive oil. Yum.


And then back to knitting, to the accompaniment of Republic of Doyle. I’m hoping to reach 3500 steps today.

My husband spent the day watching Chinese movies. Lazy days for us both.