I have finished the Vegetable Garden Sweater. I think this might be the cutest sweater I have ever made. It is made from a kit from La Droguerie. I fetched up a couple of inches short of yarn in the main color, but have plenty of extra of the other colors. This is because I made the back plain, whereas the pattern has colorwork on both back and front. I am not sure how I failed to notice that.

I think it is okay, though. If I had bought all the yarns rather than the kit, I would have had way more leftover yarn, and it would have cost way more, too. La Droguerie just measures off the right amount of each color.

My next epic knitting project is Chimera. I started knitting this years ago. I have struggled with it a bit in the past few months, frogging back and knitting up in an attempt to figure out where I am in the charts and then follow them correctly. There are still lots of errors.

Then I found a hole just above the ribbing.

I went ahead and unraveled it back to the ribbing. Today I will begin again.

I cut out two of the garments I plan to make for my Fall Collection, and will finish the cutting today as well.

First, however, I am heading out into the world for a staycation adventure. I am going to #1 daughter’s house, to UPS to drop off my Nespresso recycling, and to the local lake for a hike.

I expect to be home for lunch and then to have my needlework adventures for the rest of the day.