#1 daughter and I went last night to hear this guy. He tells lots of offensive jokes, but he was an entertaining speaker. His intention was to persuade people to become insurance agents, which is not on my radar, but he spoke about the benefits of owning your own business versus being anemployee, and he has a point.

Not that selling insurance is more noble than being a surgeon — I think he suggested that at one point — but that it’s nice to be independent. It’s nice to have control over how much you earn. It’s nice to have control over your time. It’s easy to focus on how much time is involved in building  a business or on the uncertainties of entrepreneurship in comparison to a steady salary, but it’s actually very nice to be the owner.

I never wanted to be a business owner; it was not a goal of mine at any point in my life. Now that I work for myself, though, I love the fact that I cannot be laid off, that I’m rewarded for my efforts, and that I — as the speaker said — I have control over my money and my time.

I don’t expect to be a millionaire (his big selling point), but I’m comfortable and I can look after my family. What’s not to like?