I made classic lemon bars with berries — raspberries in one pan and blueberries in the other. Whole wheat flour for the crust and coconut flour for the filling. They’re lovely, with the contrast of tart and sweet, creamy and crisp, fruity and tender.

Apart from that, I spent the day binge-watching Death in Paradise and working on the Geo-Snow.

I’ve finished all the charts and am embarking on the garter stitch border. Outside, things are blooming. Inside, thank goodness for air conditioning.

A peaceful day.

I should be able to finish the Geo-Snow this week. Then what? I have so many WIPs… but I also have baby clothes kits that I haven’t started, and toys I haven’t made.

I also have my Spring Collection to continue.

I’ll think about what next throughout the garter stitch border.