The boys now live in the pretty place shown above, but they’re home this week. #2 son actually went down to the town where he went to school for the weekend, but will be back here tomorrow.  #1 son and I had good conversations yesterday and then he went out with friends and I concentrated on recuperation. I’m feeling a lot better today, though I’m still not waking up feeling great, which seems like a minimal health requirement. My throat still hurts, my eyes still feel boiled, and I’m sluggish.

This could be the last of my cold. It could also be the fact that my husband’s water bottle leaked in the week hours of the morning. Wet feet and his dashing and blinding meant yet another interrupted night. There is a popular internet meme that says, “No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep.” I maintain that this depends on how rare those nights were.

I’m going to church today and have a church meeting this afternoon, so #1 son can have bonding time with his dad. It’s beautiful out, so I’m also hoping to have some time outdoors today, whether it’s grilling and chilling in the back yard or strolling around the square.

I completed the back of #1 son’s sweater, so I’ll check it for fit today. I’ve begun the front, which has a nice, unusual cable which I should have swatched. Since I didn’t, I will be waiting for the first 2000 stitches or so to make sure I did it right, and then will have to frog if I did it wrong. When will I learn to swatch?