Yesterday I watched Leverage all day — while knitting, and I completed the front and back of #2 son’s Christmas sweater and got started on the sleeve — and also while working on a website we’re planning to launch this coming week. There was a great deal of copying and pasting, adding headers, and making sure all the pages were alike. Today there is a whole lot more of this kind of thing: downloading and uploading documents, downloading and uploading pictures, adding meta descriptions… Very little actual writing, but lots of stuff.

So I am rewatching the entire oeuvre of Leverage. I enjoy the complexity of the characters, the ingenuity of the plots, and the stylish details.

I also like the colorful names of the cons. I don’t know how many are real, but there are some real ones with colorful names, like the Spanish Prisoner (from the 16th century) and the Badger Game. Even the modern ones, like the Nigerian Letter and Phishing, have colorful names. But we know that Phishing and the Nigerian Letter are just irritating, not romantic or clever, so con games are definitely better in fiction.