Sunday School today, then church, annual congregational meeting with barbecue and salad, and then La Bella and I went to see a play:

Life is a Dream, by Pedro Calderon de La Barca. It's a long series of philosophical conundrums, or conundra. The author was a Spanish gentleman of the early 17th century.

The sets and costumes were awesome, combining teal with copper, dark brown, gold, russet, and rose. This may be my palette for the Seamworks DYW, which begins tomorrow.

The play was entrancing, weird, mysterious, and cool. It wasn't Shakespeare, but it was intriguing.

I got home and reheated last night's shepherd's pie. Served it up with fruit salad and almond pillow cookies.

I spent the evening sewing up Ketch. It's all put together now. The shawl collar and button bands come next. The is a custom fit sweater, but I have been fearing all along that it would be too small. Assuming that the button bands are as wide as they look, it won't be. The shoulders are just right, but I need a few more inches in front.

It looks as though I'll get them.

So far, I like this sweater a lot. I think I will make more of them. It's a basic pattern, so different yarns and stitches will change it up a lot.

Now, I'm hoping that the light, slippery silk will hold up well in the collar and not be so unstructured that it doesn't have the shawl effect.