Little things are 1/6 boxes, roughly.The most common system is to use To-do with checklist or checkboxes, Today with full boxes, and Little Things with a stack of 1/6 boxes. Some people use them for TV shows, expected packages, and appointments.

I use them to track good habits. Above you can see, from top to bottom, my littles for cardio, five veggies a day, tracking the Evil 6, dinner plan, and eight glasses of water a day. These are all printables, printed out and cut at home.

Above you can see, top to bottom, the daily social media tracker, mood tracker, an icon reminding me to wash the dishes, skin care, and dinner plan. This is a mix of printables and ready-made. The mood tracker turned out not to be useful for me. I thought I might see patterns of some kind, but I have been happy every day, so I may not continue to use them.

By then end of the week, though, I have always added a lot of extra littles.

Coffee, client calls, support cases, meetings… I tuck things in all week on littles. I think that I need to have pre-cut littles in multiple colors in my desk drawer just to accommodate this practical use for them.

At this point, I have a list of about 15 habits that I try to accomplish each day. My focus on habits is about a year and a half old by now and I am certain that it improves my life as much as if not more than goal-setting and working toward those goals. Some things can rotate off — working on relationships, for example, and walking are both part of my day every day. But there are some very basic things which I do consistently if I have a checklist but very easily backslide on if I don’t.

So I need lots of littles:

  • 8 glasses of water a day (“hydrate” in planner-speak)
  • plan meals (so I don’t end up eating scrambled eggs for dinner every day)
  • 5-9 servings of produce a day (“5 a day” is too few, but it’s the printable sticker I own)
  • Evil 6 tracker for after the Whole 30
  • cardio or steps
  • strength or other exercise
  • social media for work

Plus full box and sidebar habit trackers, but more on that anon.