DSCN3626 A new recipe for the client for whom we make up recipes.

I also made a nice dish of chicken with leeks and tomatoes last night for the boys.  I admired their new clothes. #1 daughter came over with her little dog. There are small spots of normalcy in the days.

Mostly though I am working. I should have gone to the gym with #2 son. I should clean house, do laundry, pack for the trip. Instead I am working 14 hours a day.

I’m trying not to whine in my real life, and it’s possible that whining here will help me avoid doing so.

However, I’m getting the relaunch chaos covered and the blog posts set up for next week. I need to get a newsletter out and write to the winner of the drawing and also to get my class set up.

At least, the states of emergency are briefer and less frequent than they were when I started. And there are other people to help.