I had a good time with #1 daughter yesterday. We had some good talks about work, watched The Great Gatsby — they did a great job with it — and discussed relationships, family, and decorating.

The Chesterfield sofa I’ve been admiring for so long has gone on sale. I think I’m going to buy it when I get my check from the college. #1 daughter says I would then have to redecorate completely.

Since I haven’t done so in more than a decade, it would probably be a good thing. The sofa comes in blue, a color I wouldn’t care to live with, in white linen, which would soon be filthy, and in black or brown leather. I’ve generally seen and admired this sofa in brown leather, but either black or brown seems like a reasonable color for leather.

#1 daughter feels that either would be too dark and too formal for white walls and berry/green floral prints, which is what I currently have going on. I’ve made a Pinterest board for contemplation. I’d rather like to paint the walls pale peach. Would that look eccentric with dark leather and dark wood?

Deep questions!