We colored eggs today, #1 son and his family and I. It was fun.

We had orange chicken, rice, roasted Brussels sprouts, salad, and apple pie for lunch.


Janalisa stopped by as the kids were leaving and brought me lots of local news. I’m up on the national news, though I admit that I go straight to the campaign 2016 row at WSJ headlines in the mornings. But I clearly don’t know the local news.

I had probably heard about the city councilman who had threatened to expose himself to a barista while dancing in protest of loud music, she said. She figured I probably knew that the guy who does our taxes had moved to the Virgin Islands. And of course I had heard about that young man who drove through the wall of the town’s topless bar, right?

No, actually, I hadn’t heard any of this stuff.

It’s all go here in my town, and I’m missing it.