I’m not actually locked in. It’s just ordinary shelter at home. But last night my husband locked our front door.

He hasn’t been sleeping. Like maybe a few minutes at a time over the past 48 hours. I asked if he was having nightmares, and he said no. So I don’t know why he locked the door in the middle of the night.

He said someone was knocking on the door. Now you know what happens when someone does that.

Anyway, he locked the door. When I tried to unlock the door in order to get the mail, it wouldn’t unlock.

#1 daughter came over and we tried to get the door unlocked. No luck.

My husband had actually gone to bed at that point. When he got up, he tried to unlock the door. He took the lock apart. He needed to leave at this point for a training.

We have a back door. And a garage door as well. We will be fine.

But this could be a problem. We might need a locksmith or something.