I’ve been waking up in the wee hours of the morning with too much work on my mind. Today I managed to sleep till the dawn chorus began at 5:46, but my mind was still filled with to-dos — not work, this time, though.

Here are all the things I want to do today:

  • Tidy the living room.
  • Clean the bathrooms.
  • Shovel out my office.
  • Write the required reviews.
  • Organize the pantry.
  • Change the sheets and do the laundry
  • Deposit my paycheck.
  • See if the needles I bought yesterday fit the embroidery machine.
  • If so, embroider the Little Girl’s name and add it to her quilt.
  • If not, find another likely needle.
  • Sew up the cushions I’m making for the family.
  • Cut and sew a summer nightgown.
  • Get a good start on the scarf I’m making for #2 daughter’s birthday.
  • Take a good picture of the quilt and post it on Facebook.
  • Get started on the Little Boy’s quilt.
  • Do an hour for the Aussies.
  • Launch the new website.
  • Take a walk.
  • Weed the garden.
  • Bake.
  • Exercise.
  • Read.
  • Place an order for my husband (and wisely choose additional items to reach the minimum).
  • Find missing stickers and update planner.

I also have a date for the opera this evening and possibly the movies with the family today. And, given all the social stuff in the recent past and near future, I need to relax and enjoy some quiet time alone.

This probably can’t all be done in the time available.