Welcome 2014 New year concept

In preparation for EOY (end of year), I’ve been looking back at this blog and at our Traction meetings book. It seems to be standard practice to consider what worked from last year and what needs work, and then to look at what we most want for the coming year.

My blog shows that I was successful in making a SWAP, redecorating major rooms, getting some travel, and spending time with my family. I had more than the six FOs I had specified as a goal, increased community involvement and strengthened relationships, and learned some new things. On the personal side, 2014 shows a high level of success, though I didn’t meet all my goals.

On the business side, 2014 was a year of positive changes. We made Google Partner status, met our financial projections, and solved some of the problems that led to 2013’s stress and drama. Our Traction meetings show the following Issues:

  • Wrong customers — this has improved
  • Lack of follow through — not sure what this referred to
  • Product quality consistency issues — this has improved
  • Linkbuilding of variable quality and reliability
  • Failure to use LinkedIn, other social media effectively for our company
  • Not using Zoho to maximum effectiveness

We made some good changes in staffing and in our customer focus. We had a goal of building 10 websites in 2014, and we actually built 7, with one more ready to launch once the client sends a few more photos. We had a goal of adding 3 full service clients and we met this goal. We had fewer leads than our goal set out — 35% — and fewer website builds — 75% — so we probably need to recommit to the higher leads goal we set in 2014 in order to reach 2015 goals.

We made some changes in systems, for the better. We overcame the site issues that went with our company website redesign. We instituted Traction and collected enough data to be able to see patterns, though I would add “Inaccurate and incomplete data collection” to the list of issues above.

I’m thinking of these things in the back of my mind right now, since we’re still celebrating. Yesterday we saw the new Into the Woods and tried out the embroidery machine. Today we’re going to play games. I didn’t sleep well last night — work stuff is invading my mind even if I am being successful in staving off actually doing much work. Rescue Time tells me that I worked only 27 hours last week. I’ll have to put in some hours today.