My Knitpicks summer sale order arrived. I was very restrained, ordering only yarn that I specifically needed.

The Little Girl has chosen a Lucinda Guy ensemble for her Christmas present.

It’s the Jack Frost Jacket from Handknits for Kids.

With it she wants the Dougie Dog hat and scarf.

Adorable, right?

She wants the red white and blue color scheme for both.

I have two Lucinda Guy books. Both are charming,  filled with whimsical drawings as well as whimsical patterns. From And So to Bed, I plan to make the Man in the Moon hottie. I may also need more of her books.

Guy has also designed knitting patterns for adults, but I’m more familiar with her kids’ patterns.

I’ve actually never made a Lucinda Guy pattern. I’ll come back and report after I’ve made something. Till then, I’ll say that Guy’s pattern books are among the most fun to look through.