Instead of all the things I planned to make this weekend, I made the Lucy Hat. The reason? Mostly the wonderful feeling of knitting with Madeline Tosh Vintage. Mmmm. Also uncertainty about the Llama Wool Vest (is there another skein at the llama farm — or isn’t there?) and #1 daughter’s not bringing the baby gown pattern with her on Saturday.

I still need to sew the brim turnup into place.

Before saying more about the pattern and the hat, let me say that the hat took less than one skein of the yarn. It was supposed to take two skeins. I bought what I thought would be enough for three hats, but I will have enough for at least six.

Two daughters, two daughters-in-law or equivalents, me… maybe a good friend or two. Or maybe I get more than one color way.

The knitting is straightforward. There’s a turnup section of the brim made with short rows. I knitted this from a collected book of patterns. It said not to bother wrapping, and I didn’t. Once the short rows are complete, it’s an ordinary hat: a 5-inch long tube of stockinette and a nice little spiral of decreases.

I sewed the turnup, but distorted the pretty line of the brim. I’m not sure what I’ll do next.