I went to lunch with a client today. Of course, I woke up dreading it, but we went to Mermaids and I enjoyed talking with the client.

She’s a chemical engineer, and while she politely pretended to care about shades of blue for her website, she really wanted to talk about engineering, teaching, and chemistry. It was fun.

I had a lovely salad with grilled chicken, walnuts, dried cranberries, and whatnot. I often order salads in restaurants, but I always feel a little dismayed as well as virtuous when I do. After all, I eat salad for lunch at home every day.

#2 daughter called as I was leaving the restaurant and I conveyed this to her. She disagreed. “I always think that,” she said, “but then the salad mix has some wilted leaves and I want to put neat stuff in but I don’t have any candied walnuts or gorgonzola cheese or pears, so it’s just chicken on some partly wilted greens.”

She has a point. I actually met my weight loss goal for the year already, but I want to continue to lose, and it probably won’t happen if I give in to Chicken Marsala and garlic mashed potatoes just because I’m in a restaurant. That said, I have to admit that I followed up my salad with crĂ©me brulee, and so did my lunch partner, so I probably led her astray.

Nonetheless, it was a good lunch and a good conversation.

It was a productive day, too.

I stopped work at a reasonable time and I’m going to work on #1 son’s sweater. Maybe tomorrow I will wake up feeling happy and normal. I’m also working on improving my attitude about meetings.