mikelicht The weekend was a lot of fun, and today was productive. I had a haircut, which may not be productive, but it was luxurious. The hairdresser washed my hair and conditioned it with hot towels and massaged my scalp.

After that I took myself to lunch before doing the grocery shopping. I had a tartine with ham and cheese and a very nice salad with walnuts, apple, and dried cranberries. A pot of tea, a very nice waiter who remembered me from a previous visit, and a pleasant interlude of being taken care of.

I can become one of those old ladies who is looked after nicely by people and tips them well and causes no trouble.

In any case, I then went on to the grocery and bought nice fruits and vegetables, bread, meat that was really quite attractive — and how often is that true? — and a packet of mushroom raviloi.

Home to some interesting work, a nice dinner, and an episode of Poirot.

What a nice day!

It turns out that the lady in the picture has a cigarette and cards… it looked like a cell phone and a stylus.