JW_Sexton_HS_-_Tile_-_Macbeth Actually, it’s not Macbeth. It’s the awareness of all the work I haven’t yet gotten finished. Plus the Getty letter fining us for use of an image from Deviant Art. I really thought that those images were shared by the artists under Creative Commons licensing. The chances of my even being able to find all the Deviant Art images we’ve used, let alone replacing them all, seem slim. If I’m right about Deviant Art and — as #2 daughter suggests — it’s a matter of someone pirating a Getty image and presenting it as their own at Deviant Art, that may be different, but I think they’ll still expect us to pay the enormous fine.

Add to that the papers to grade, the fact that I don’t have all the analytics reports out even though it is already the 8th, all the meetings I have this week, all the prep for the meetings, and I guess I should be glad I was able to sleep till 4:00.

I think I’d be better able to get the work done if I got more sleep, though. I did go to bed early last night in hopes of getting over whatever it is that’s causing the sore throat and general malaise I’ve been suffering. I got Janet Evanovich’s Hot Six from Booksfree in the mail, so I had a hot bath and went to bed to read.

The other thing that woke me up — apart from Getty, the call of work, sore throat, and my husband getting ready for work — was wondering about Comp 2. Should I use the same literary works, or go for greater diversity and newer pieces? Doesn’t everyone need to read Shakespeare?