La Bella and some of the other ladies and I went to see the university’s production of Macbeth. They began with the funeral of Macbeth’s child, which was a new thing for me. Apparently some film versions have done this. It was an interesting approach. Lady Macbeth in this production was flat out evil.

They did a good job and we all enjoyed it.

It followed church, but I’m home before dinner time and ready to spend Sunday evening knitting.

The sermon this morning was about habits. Specifically, the connection between habits and clothing. There is the nun’s habit, of course, to remind us of the historical connection between the two.

If we are to put on compassion, will that make us compassionate? Can we develop compassion by clothing ourselves with compassion until it becomes our habitual behavior?

Or must we grow compassion from our hearts until we become compassionate people?

I’m listening to Atomic Habits. The author has read all the books on habits that I read. He is providing a clear review of all that information. One thing he reminded me of is that we are more successful when we think of ourselves as being something rather than doing something. That is, I am a committed regular exerciser. I know this because I have been exercising most days of the week for years. I have plenty of evidence. When I stray from this behavior, I inevitably go back to it.

But I also am a sweet-eater. I’ve been fairly successful at defining myself as “not a snacker” but my desire to eat less sugar is unsuccessful. I have a sweet tooth and I eat sugar. I actually think of myself as a clean eater, even though I eat sugar. Perhaps remembering that clean eating doesn’t include refined sugar would help. Maybe we just need a better word.

Putting on compassion over and over gives us evidence that we are compassionate, and perhaps changes us more than just striving to become compassionate from the inside out. Thinking of ourselves as compassionate will be easier when we base our belief on our repeated compassionate actions.