pink-lilies So how’d the midsummer makeover weekend 1 go?

I haven’t been to the gym even once this week — but I have done a workout every day. Yoga, step, weights… It has been fun.

I’ve eaten pretty well, too, and my weight is dropping again. I may not be excited about fish plus quinoa plus salad for most meals, but it’s good and satisfying.

I haven’t made up my face every day and there was one day… okay, two days… when I jumped out of bed and started working before doing my morning routine.

And does the One Thing work?

Definitely. On Monday and Tuesday I blocked out 8:00 to 12:00 for the highest priority of the day, and did as much of everything else as I could outside that time. When I got back to my email at noon, I was able to prioritize… and I was also able to respond to the final email in the strings of group emails, not to half a dozen emails in each thread as they zipped back and forth.

Today a crisis arose and opened the flood gates. I found myself doing things like changing the color of the headings on a client page and checking the conference website and getting documents into PDF form and translating articles and all sorts of little things. The day was stressful and crazy.

My bed did not get made.

And I still didn’t get everything done.

Doing the One Thing let me get just as much done, possibly more, with less stress. Tomorrow I have a phone call and a phone meeting in the morning, so I’m blocking 6:00 to 10:00 instead of 8:00 to 12:00.