I gave an exam this morning after writing a few blog posts, reading a novel on my Kindle while the students worked, had lunch with #1 daughter, and did my grocery shopping at the Fresh Market, stocking up on fresh produce and tiny croissants.

See the outdoor furniture in the lower right corner? No?


It’s full of snow.

Home for more writing and a Firefox Hello conversation with #2 daughter, a phone call with #2 son, and emails with the Art Professor and various clients.

My husband drove into the garage in the late afternoon. Half an hour later I went out to said garage and found him fast asleep in his car. I helped him into the house, gave him Nyquil, and tried to get him to bed. He  crumpled onto the sofa instead. After he’d slept a bit, I gave him some dinner and a cup of tea.

Now he’s moaning on the sofa with his tea.

The stereotype about men is that they’re babies when they’re sick. Really I think we’re all babies when we’re sick. But women know that nobody is going to respond if we lie around and moan.

If it worked, we’d do it too.