I have a stash of fabrics and a stash of yarn, lots of sewing patterns and books and knitting patterns, and perhaps more craft supplies and cookbooks than I will actually be able to use up during my lifetime.

#1 daughter has a stash of make up. As a follow up to our discussion of how I could improve my make up skillz, she invited me to go shopping in her stash of samples.


I ended up with all these lovely shades, plus many more mysterious things like coconut foot cream and youth activating serum.

In the Lucia books by E. F. Benson, there is a scene in which the ladies of the village have seen makeup, apparently for the first time, on the face of Olga Bracely, the glamorous opera singer. They all try it out, but none is bold enough to do a thorough job, so one has an otherwise pale face with spots of rouge standing out and another has only inexpertly applied mascara, and so forth. I’ve been wearing makeup for decades, so I don’t expect to have that much trouble, but #1 daughter assures me that you have to look bad in order to reach the good parts of updating your makeup.

This is of course reminiscent of Picasso’s remark about his “Demoiselles d’Avignon.”

I plan to work on improving and updating my maquillage, or at least to play with my new lipsticks.

As for the Wake Up Project, today was another Dog at 3:30 followed by Sleeping In till 7:00 day, and I can say with confidence that this is not good for me.