These lovely aquamarine linen trousers are what became of the Marrakesh Pants pattern:


They fit perfectly right out of the pattern envelope, and they were easy — mostly because I made them as plain old drawstring pants, leaving out the fly front zipper and lined and faced pockets.

There are two things about these pants that make them flattering to one and all. One is the zipper that allows them to fit trimly around the hips and derriere of any seamstress, even though they are wide legged and slouchy at the waist. I skipped that.

fabricThe other is the crotch seam, which is cut differently from other pattern lines. Reading around the sewing blogs, I found that a lot of people just recut it. However, I cut it as printed and tried to figure it out. I am not sure that I succeeded; there are a lot of possible ways to sew the pieces together, frankly. However, the finished pants do indeed fit very nicely — way better than any RTW pants I own. I no longer feature my tush when I dress, but I was reminded of why I used to. 😉

I’m going to wear these pants tomorrow and make sure that they are as comfortable as they seemed when I tried them on. If so, I’ll cut them from my other two pieces of linen. That would be the blue and the gray. They’ll go together quickly enough if I do some assembly-line style sewing that I’ll end next week with three finished pieces of my Spring SWAP 2015.

As for my husband, he stayed in bed all day, calling occasionally for juice. I went out and bought him some Chinese takeaway, since I can never get food salty enough for him to really enjoy, and had settled back into the sofa to hem my pants when he got up, got dressed, and headed out to party with his friends.

I, on the other hand, am feeling feverish and headachy and I have a cough. Nyquil and an early evening is my plan, and if I need to stay home tomorrow I will.

I did a little bit of housework today, and though I have work to do yet this weekend, I plan to keep it to a minimum. I can spend tomorrow in bed with my Kindle, calling for juice, if need be.