I took my time getting up and getting ready yesterday, then spent a couple of hours doing fussy hand stitching for the second pair of Marrakesh Drawstring Pants. I got them hemmed today; more on that later.

After lunch, I headed out to a work party. We spent four hours chatting and working in a couple of local coffee shops (connection issues at the first one). I also spent a couple of hours chatting on the phone with #2 daughter.

Back home to live-tweet a TV show for a client. This is the last time I’ll be doing that particular task. However, I will be meeting with that client, with another client together with the Art Professor, and with #1 daughter tomorrow. Three meetings in a single day. I expect I won’t get much else done.

I did 60 hours of work at the computer last week, plus the hours of the work party, plus some more today. Still, I did get those pants finished, and I am about to begin the heel of my second Boxy Sock.


This is a photo of the first pair of the Marrakesh pants, and the second pair looks essentially identical — you can see the color in the photo at the top of this post.


So I’ve done pants in the aqua and the gray linen. I’ve done a peasant blouse in a darker shade of aqua, and today I cut out a Sunshine Top in the solid jersey between the two prints in the image above. Next up should be the floral tunic. The socks are in teal and gray, so they’ll fit in well with this not-quite-SWAP.

The pants are extremely easy to sew if, like me, you skip the zipper and pockets and just make them plain. I don’t tuck in blouses, so it seems sensible to make them simple, even if it means going without pockets. They are very comfortable and as attractive as I ever need to be while working at the computer. They’re too pajama-like for me to wear to meetings or classes, but at home, they’re great.