I’m reading Martha Stewart’s book on how to grow old gracefully, and she has a list of habits, too:

1. Eat well
2. Maintain a healthy weight
3. Stay physically active
4. Get quality sleep
5. Wear sun screen
6. Collaborate with a good primary-care doctor regularly
7. Find your passion
8. Connect with others
9. Stop complaining – change what you can, and accept what you cannot
10. Stay curious

It’s a good book stuffed with useful information, and I surprise myself by how I figure it must all be true because Martha Stewart said so. She started her current business in her 50s after having had a couple of other successful careers, and has been able to develop that level of authority in spite of a spell in prison. Gotta admire that.

I went to choir last night and cried. I’m getting bored with crying, but I can’t seem to help it. On the other hand, I also went to a Google Partners session with the other Google Partners shop in town, took myself to lunch at the artisanal pizza shop next door to them, and dropped off another case of Ensure for my stepfather… all without crying.

I wake up every morning in a state of horror at the length of my to-do list, which never gets shorter. This is probably good. The other shop is feeling the same way. “We run very lean,” said the owner in what appeared to be euphemistic agreement with my complaints about how much work we have.

He also said it’s all about efficiencies. Today I shall strive to be efficient.