A Before picture for the bedroom. I took it before the bed was made in order to end up with a more striking Before/After shot, but there’s actually quite a lot to do in here.

For Master Bedroom week, we empty all closets and cupboards and drawers, trying on and eliminating things as needed. We refill the closets and drawers with the culled collection in neat and logical order. We clean all the furniture, the fan, the walls and floors and artwork. We clean under the bed, arrange our nightstands thoughtfully, and wash the windows and curtains.

I’m going to work on the Baby’s layette after church, but I will also fit in some bedroom cleaning time.

This is also the week we start spending one hour a day on our handmade Christmas gifts. I haven’t put anything into the freezer yet, but I should put in a dinner and a batch of cookies. We buy extra canned goods and buy 1/8th of the gifts we plan to buy.

Busy week!