It’s Master Bedroom Week. I have tidy drawers. But I also had to get rid of a lot of things. Why do I still have size 20 clothes in my bedroom when I’m a size 8?

I also sorted my jewelry into a new case, just like the one I saw on The Home Edit. I am being influenced more than expected by those girls.

I also did some work in the pantry.

The Home Edit girls are right about pumpkin puree. My can of pumpkin was indeed outdated. So were several other cans and packages. I was shocked. But now the pantry is once again a thing of beauty.

Ahem. The three shelves I take care of are a thing of beauty.

Unfortunately, there is more to the pantry than that.

More work must be done. Probably during Pantry Week.

Also, we have these tasks to do:


  • Make one batch of Holiday Goodies. I’m planning to make financiers.
  • Make one extra meal for freezer again labeled HOLIDAY MEAL. I didn’t get to this last week, and I might need to clean out the freezer before I get started on this.
  • Buy two canned food items from menus (get 2 of each item, one to use and one to donate to food drive). Actually, I might not have any more canned goods on my shopping list. Not that big on canned goods.
  • Buy 1/8th of TO BUY gifts. Save all receipts, note return policy before buying. Ask for gift boxes. I bought Waldorf dolls for the littles. 
  • Wrap and label packages. If needing to ship, get some shipping boxes now and store packages in them.
  • Work at least 1 hour a day on homemade gifts. Getting started!
  • Make list of any table and bathroom linens that need replacing before the holidays, and pick up a few each week. I’m good on linens.