It’s Master Bedroom Week and my bedroom really needs work. I have boxes of stuff and piles of stuff and an overstuffed closet. I may need to cull my clothing.

These are the holiday prep tasks for this week:

  • Make one batch of Holiday Goodies.
  • Make one extra meal for freezer again labeled HOLIDAY MEAL.
  • Buy two canned food items from menus (get 2 of each item, one to use and one to donate to food drive).
  • Buy 1/8th of TO BUY gifts. Save all receipts, note return policy before buying. Ask for gift boxes
  • Wrap and label packages. If needing to ship, get some shipping boxes now and store packages in them.
  • Work at least 1 hour a day on homemade gifts.
  • Make list of any table and bathroom linens that need replacing before the holidays, and pick up a few each week.

It’s time to begin holiday gift making. However, I don’t yet know who I will get in the gift exchange. Therefore I also don’t know how big a project the adult gift will be, so I don’t know how much time I will have for the children’s gifts. So I don’t know what gifts I can make for the kids.

I might go ahead and start on this sweater, though. It’s top-down, so once I get past the yoke it will be a Zombie rather than an epic project, which will be good if I end up making an epic project for an adult.

I also have a summer sweater to finish, so I will get as far as possible with that today, and perhaps set it aside in favor of the holiday gifts if I don’t get it done soon.