I completed the fronts of the Delish Cardigan and sewed up the shoulder seams. I tried it on and the fit is perfect.


The fabric is lovely, too. I’m getting the sleeves started this evening.

It’s Master Bedroom Week on the HGP. We’ll get another meal in the freezer and buy a couple more canned goods for our Holiday and Charity boxes. We’ll buy and wrap 1/8 of our gifts, which for me is 4.5 gifts, so I’ll do 5. We’ll buy any needed table or bath linens.

This is also the week to clean and tidy the master bedroom. My bedroom is a bit cluttered right now, with stacks of books and boxes, so it needs a good tidy. But we should also dust, wash the curtains and bedspread, and clean out all the drawers and closets. Whew!

In addition to this serious cleaning, this is the week to begin making Christmas gifts. We should commit an hour a day. Which hour? I think 8:00 p.m. is the most available hour for me, so that’s the one.

I’ll be starting today with some boot toppers. These are Savannah from Pam Powers. I got the pattern with brilliant red yarn as part of a Craftsy kit.


Today also included Sunday school, church, and the all-church picnic, where the Worship and Music committee met briefly. I then had dinner and conversation with some of my favorite people. A fun afternoon in a lovely setting.