May is a lot like paradise around here. True, we had some snow a couple of weeks ago, but the current weather is our usual May: fresh mornings, sultry afternoons, and balmy evenings, with the occasional thunderstorm.

Yesterday we went to buy a suit for #2 son. It’s his graduation present. He looks extremely sharp in this suit. #1 daughter wanted him to go with something more fashion forward, but the object was for him to own a conservative suit he could wear to job interviews, conferences, dates, and the like.

This is the Producer cut from Express, a European cut that looks good on an athletic figure. In case you’re in the market yourself.

#2 son and I made it to the gym a couple of times this week, and last weekend involved a lot of walking, but I have eaten a lot of Evil 6 stuff. I am getting back on track today. The thing is, if you eat self-indulgently, you just want more of the self-indulgant stuff. You’d think there’d be a point where you’d feel like, “Oh, I had cheese five times this week, I don’t want more cheese.” Apparently not. Pizza leads to King Ranch Chicken, and from there it’s just a small step to quiche and cheeseburgers. It’s easier not to eat the stuff at all.

We had lunch at Burger Life, which is an interesting place. The menus are fun. It is quite possible to eat there and keep to Balance, but I didn’t.

We then had our business meeting.

I had prepared infographics for the occasion, but #1 daughter was not impressed by them. She’s frustrated at the moment by some management issues and the fact that we have no website builds scheduled for next month. I look at where we were last year and see that we’re making serious progress.

I do agree that we need to get our systems in hand, though, and we’re on track to get them finished and implemented by Q3, which was our goal.

Today we’re going to a downtown festival. Some small amount of work will also have to take place.