I used to do 30 minutes — 3,000 steps — with Wii Fit every day while watching the news. Then I bought my husband a new TV for Christmas and the Wii didn’t work with the new TV. I couldn’t do my 3,000 steps any more.

But I could have. I mean, I could step on and off the board for 30 minutes without the electronic encouragement. I just didn’t.

The past couple of days it has been too cold for me to want to take the dog for a morning walk.So today I got out the Wii board, put on a Craftsy class, and did my 3,000 steps.

I did some housework as well, and some reading, but I had a fairly solid day’s knitting after that.

Faroe Island knitters could make a pair of socks in a day if they didn’t have any housework to do, apparently, ut I completed just one repeat of the pattern.

Herzog’s class was excellent. She explains knitting math in such a clear, smart, yet kind way. She should do classes on algebra, calculus, statistics, and other hard stuff.

After that class I binge-watched Bosch. And knitted, natch.

I think I will continue using the Wii board. And watching Craftsy classes. Both things that used to be good for me.