sewroom The pictures today: new pillows to plump up the daybed in in the sewing room. A Sunshine Top in violet, cut out and ready to sew. This might suggest that I pla a PSD (Personal Sewing Day) today, but it actually just shows that I had a couple of spare moments this week.

Today I must grade papers, write an article, and prep for a meeting with #1 daughter. I must also have said meeting with her, and we are combining it with lunch and a trip to Fresh Market, which has opened near us.

I expect to enjoy this.

Yesterday I had an enjoyable class, an enjoyable meeting, blogging at a breakneck pace, and finished up the day with pizza with #1 son, combined with work on the logo for the company he and a friend plan to start.

There’s a meeting tomorrow, as well, following potluck lunch at church, for a committee on which I have agreed to serve.

There was a time when three meetings in one week would have been enough to ruin my week, so it says something that I am looking forward to these meetings.


Some housework needs to take place at some point, and a visit to the bank, and grocery shopping.

My husband brought me a rose and chocolates for Valentine’s Day, so of course I have eaten sweets in spite of having given them up for Lent. However, I’ve done quite well on the giving up whining part.

#2 daughter gave up being judgemental and now finds herself being judgemental of people who are judgemental.

Reminiscent of the old story of working so hard on giving up pride that you begin to feel proud of your humility.

I’m glad #1 son is forging ahead with the idea of the business. I don’t plan to send the info on the logo to our graphics guy till he finishes the ebook, but that’s very close. I need to find some good reviewers for it.