zome I usually find meetings stressful. It doesn’t matter if they’re good meetings or not. Stress, as we know, isn’t only about bad things. Good things can also be stressful.

The Chaos Imperative is big on meetings. Hanging around chatting strikes the authors as highly productive in their chaotic way.

Yesterday, following a few hours of writing, I met with #2 daughter. We went through our various quarterly reports and made some decisions. We strolled over to the Fresh Market next and chatted as I collected rice-quinoa mix and Tuscan garlic pasta sauce and whatnot.

Next up was a faculty meeting, which devolved fairly quickly into a discussion of romantic relationships. Apparently our school has a form people are supposed to fill out when they plan a consensual relationship. I thought those forms were jokes.

Next up was a meeting at the museum. We went through their site audit and they had lots of sensible questions, all of which I was able to answer. They also had good coffee, pastry (“a cavalcade of sweets” was what the email announcing them said, I’m told) and a stunning view, plus original art in the conference room.

It was a productive day. Not stressful at all.

#1 daughter thinks it was because we were well prepared. I thought maybe it was because there were new ideas. The Chaos Imperative would suggest that it was the white space — roaming the grocery, driving, allowing my mind to wander as the department discussed sexual harrassment, open discussion of options at the museum…

I don’t know. I’m thankful, though.