I had three meetings today, classes three days this week, plus another meeting tomorrow. Add choir practice, and a three-day conference weekend with special food day and free cowboy boots.

There was a time when having three appointments in a week was enough to ruin my month.

Clearly, I’ve improved.

However, I’m also struggling to get my work done and to continue being calm and unhurried during the meetings and classes in question.

Things are going well. Fast, but it’s good.

My husband has been on vacation. He decided to spend his time doing useful things like rearranging all the furniture in my office, rewiring the dishwasher, and quizzing me on the connections of all the electronics.

So here I am being stressed by things like a successful business, a thoughtful husband, and gifts.

There’s a name for this: eustress. High levels of change, excessive amounts of good stuff, and intense challenges are all examples of positive things that are stressful.

It keeps life interesting.

Meetings aren’t stressful for everyone. Some people would be amazed that I consider a bunch of meetings stressful — some would find it much more stressful to sit at a computer working for 10 hours than to visit three coffee shops in one day.

We all can experience eustress, though. Everyone has good things that they find stressful, whether it’s hitting the gym, speaking in front of people, or making big ticket decisions — all of which are happening this week, too, but I don’t find them stressful so I didn’t mention them.

I don’t want to add any more meetings to my week, though. Bet I’ll have to anyway.