I had three meetings yesterday. There was a time when three meetings in one month would destroy that month for me. Gradually, by dint of reframing and paying attention to the positive, I got to the point where I could tolerate three meetings in a week. Now I’m up to three a day without undue suffering.

The first meeting of the day was a weekly client meeting. The client and the D.C. team and I call in once a week to brief and debrief and make decisions. The meetings are efficient and I always walk out with actionable information.

The second was the Earth Care Task Force at church. I care about this issue a lot, I feel that I’m able to add value, and I admire my fellow task force members immensely. I’m always surprised that people of this caliber — all very important people in their private lives and among the most influential in the church — pay attention to what I say.

True, we had a discussion of toilet paper, complete with a detailed chart and an official vote (I seconded the motion), but that matters to our stewardship of the planet.

The third meeting was the local WordPress meetup. As it happens, all the participants last night were female. That is rare. I once found myself at a table at WordCamp Omaha that contained all women. There were developers, designers, marketers, and SEO pros, all women, mostly young. We all marveled at the fact that our table contained all women.

Perhaps we should have split up as soon as we noticed it and gone to break up some all-male tables. Instead, we just enjoyed it.

Last night, too, we had more chatter and more bonding than we usually have. We talked about hairstyles a lot. But we also had substantive discussion about site audits. We all looked at one another’s websites in a supportive spirit and I found something I needed to fix. It was fun.

Perhaps in the future, when we no longer make up just 1.6% of the tech workforce, this kind of meeting won’t be as unusual as it is now. For the moment, I wonder whether we could extend the close and supportive spirit of last night’s meetings to future co-ed meetings.

As for me, I have a total of one day this week without any meetings or appointments, and I expect to survive. That’s progress.