This week I have six meetings, plus a social event. There was a time when three appointments in a week would be enough to make it a bad week, but I have changed my attitude toward meetings.

I’m really only noticing it this week because my husband’s last day at work is Friday. We haven’t decided what to do, exactly, but it’s possible that this will mean that he will be home all day for a while. He is not old enough to retire, but it reminded me of the common piece of pop culture shown above.

My husband is going to go through the unpleasant process of being laid off, with which I am familiar. I cried a lot when it happened to me. And while I am thinking about him, I know that it could also mean that I will have him sitting around watching TV and pouting while I try to work.

I have built up a good system for my workdays, with exercise and healthy meals and quite focused time for work in between all those meetings, but that could all be disrupted.

On the other hand, my husband is also thinking of going to California to help out on his brother’s farm. That would mean no husband and half the money.

Meanwhile, the meetings are being productive and even including some surprises.