We went to #1 Daughter’s house for Memorial Day, as is our family custom. #1 son and I had done a bit of work in the morning. My DIL told me she and the kids had cleaned while he did that, which I consider very thoughtful. It’s so easy to feel that you are working and everyone else is having fun.

I went early and had a real swim before the rest of the kids arrived.

Then I went and cut up the fruit and got the cakes out on the buffet.

There was the Blueberry Lemon Poke Cake from Delish.

And an Almond Strawberry Cake from King Arthur.

The cousins arrived soon after and we all had fun.

At one point we had a brief political discussion. The Good Ol’ Boy favors Bernie Sanders, I’m an Andrew Yang supporter, #1 son and his bride like Beto O’Rourke, and #1 daughter spoke up for Joe Biden.

“See what happened there?” said the Good Ol’ Boy, his point being that there are too many candidates on the Democrat side. Hard to disagree with that.

The Baby has learned to come and go through the dog door.

Pretty clever.

My husband and I came home while it was still light.

#1 daughter referred to this weekend as a “reset” weekend, and she’s quite right. It was enough lolling around time to make me feel relaxed and refreshed. I’ve had a full week of Back to Normal in exercise, sleep, and routines. I’ve been pretty close on healthful eating, too, and I’m feeling calm and happy.

Ready to face the workweek.