We finally have a rose blooming, and the first of the lilies as well. I took the dog for a walk this morning and managed close to 1,500 steps — rather than the 3,000 plus I used to do every morning before breakfast. I’m lightheaded before breakfast now, o I’m not back to my usual exercise habits, but the morning walk was some progress.

Dax enjoyed it, and we met a little boy on a walk with his mother. With in-person Sunday school and church yesterday, I’ve had a lot of human contact in the past couple of days.

I finished up a Shirttail T yesterday and will finish another today.

I also hope to make a skirt. We’ll see.I have to do some work as well, and need to do some housekeeping to keep absolute squalor at bay.

And I marked the beginning of summer by sitting outside in my sun hat reading the first installment in a marvelous new series.

I’m having a very enjoyable, relaxing, and productive weekend.


I didn’t get the skirt made, but I did finish the second T.

I also did a Daily Burn 10 Minute Tone — weight training for Biceps & Backs.

And food tasted good today. Maybe the first day?