Our tree kept getting more and more presents.

In fact, I don’t think we’ve ever had so many presents.

It was a good year for everyone, and I guess nobody was being careful about avoiding rampant consumerism.

The boys made the Christmas Eve feast while #2 daugher and I were at church.

The candllight service was very nice, filled with happy people and nice music.

#1 daughter and her beau came, too. We had sandwiches with a Richard’s Meat Market tray. The bosys have been in charge of this meal for several years; it may not be as festive looking as when I did it (they have six kinds of chips and not much in the way of cooked foods), but everybody enjoys it.

This year, the guys made things with Pillsbury crescent rolls, Little Smokies, fresh jalapenos, and cream cheese. They were a big hit. I made some Orange Chocolate Meltaways from a recipe in the newspaper. It involved two cups of chocolate (Ghirardelli semisweet was what I used) and 1/3 cup of shortening, over which I sort of agonized. You melt these things together and stir in a teaspoon of orange extract. Spread it in a pan lined with waxed paper. Once they’re firm, cut them with a pizza cutter and powder them with powdered sugar.

You have to eat weird things at Christmas.

After the service, we ate, opened presents, and continued our Civilization game. Around midnight I left to fill the stockings and we settled down to sleep.

Very fun!