I have cluttered areas in my home, for sure, but I usually think of it as stuff that needs to be put away, our maybe too much stuff. I think it’s usually logical. Like, the stuff in the pantry is a mess, but it’s all stuff that belongs in the pantry.

But here we are in Master Bedroom week, and I have encountered an anomaly. Under my nightstand I have two knitting bags and a knitting basket.

I got a cable knit bin and planned today to settle in and edit my bedroom knitting area down to the one bin.

But then I thought — why is the knitting in my bedroom at all?

Knitting bags (baskets, etc.) are for carrying knitting projects from one place to another. I could see having three current projects and three knitting bags, one for each project. If I knit in my bedroom, which I sometimes do, I can have a knitting bag there. If I knit in the living room, I can carry that knitting bag out to the living room..

The guest room is the true home for yarn, knitting pattern books, and so forth. Any knitting bags that aren’t in current use should be there.

So what is long-term storage of knitting bags doing in my bedroom?

I woke about 5:00 a.m. thinking about this. What knitting goods or supplies would belong in a bin in my bedroom? Maybe none. Why have I had a bunch of knitting stuff in there for… years?

I sleep in the bedroom. It’s for couple time, reading, dressing and storing clothes and accessories, occasional TV watching… that’s about it. Knitting, okay, but knitting storage? There’s no logic there.

I may have to rethink the bedroom clutter. It doesn’t make sense to organize and tidy things that aren’t in their rightful place anyway.


Coming back later in the day to report.

So I went ahead and sorted all the knitting bags. Basic tools and supplies that I might need while I knit are now in this bin. Maybe they should be in the guest/craft room, but se the cables on the bin?

I’m going to pay attention to whether, when, and where the items get used. At one point I put a project in here, but it is open and therefore available to the cat, so that didn’t happen. that project is now in my train case knitting bag.

Oh, and I see there is still some clutter under the nightstand. And there are two more corners with piles of clothes to be sorted and edited. And the closets need some work still. I will get the bedroom done this week, though.