healthandbeauty Continuing with my plan to lump the first three Weekend Makeovers into one holiday weekend, I saw to all the sorting and tossing and deciding parts of the three.

I tossed out a couple of jars of special mustards that had only a smidgen left and several tubes of ancient skin care products, shown below. At left you can see my personal care and makeup gear. I’d have thought that would have been plenty, but apparently not.

I have no eyelash curlers, no eye shadow primer, no eyebrow trimming scissors… Apparently normal people have these things. I felt reasonably confident of my abilities in this area, but the makeover book has other views.

I tried out the instructions given and found it rather fun.

I also tried out a new Daily Burn video, but that was the end of the productive part of the day. #1 son came over for lunch and we watched Suits till he fell asleep. I think most parents havehad the experience of looking at a sleeping son or daughter and being startled by how young and sweet they look. I’m not sure how old they have to be before that stops being the case; I haven’t reached that point with mine yet. tossed

It was a drowsy day overall.  In the afternoon I read while #1 son slept. When my husband came home we returend to the serious watching of Suits. #1 son went off to a party after a while, but I went to bed and read.

Not much of a celebration of Independence Day, but a real day off is rare enough for me that I quite enjoyed it.

Today I need to work, but I will also take some time to solidify my plans for diet and exercise. I’ll have to make my plans firm enough that they’ll survive the super busy times at work.

This may also be a good day for grocery shopping. We’re getting the family together on Sunday for a cookout, and #1 son had some specific requests.