lily-tomato This is not a free weekend. Last weekend didn’t change my life, but I’m doing my makeup with slightly more skill, working out every day, and I lost another pound and a half this week, so I am forging ahead with the Weekend Makeover plan anyway.

This weekend is the Activity Makeover. The two top hobbies is the U.S., sadly enough, are shopping and watching TV. I have other, more productive and creative hobbies, but I have to admit that they have been getting short shrift in recent weeks (months, years). This makeover may get me back on track.

Friday night is time to make a list of fun things to do. Their starting list, with my comments on how they apply to my life:

  1. Cooking/baking — I like both, though of course broiling fish and tossing greens on a plate cannot be as intriguing as real cooking or baking. I could go ahead and complete my pastry course, or I could take a proper interest in learning to cook without the Evil 6 in more interesting ways.
  2. Music — actually they said “creating music playlists,” but I actually enjoy singing a lot, and sing in some groups as well as doing the occasional solo. I’m not keeping up with my vocalises, but I could.
  3. Drawing — I haven’t done this in years. I imagine it would be very calming and engaging, though.
  4. Flower arranging — never really got the hang of this, though I have a couple of times copied a centerpiece from a magazine or book. This could be a new skill that I would value.
  5. Jewelry making — I’ve done this in the past and quite enjoyed it. I have books with designs I could copy successfully, and a fair stock of tools and materials.
  6. Knitting — I’m quite good at this, have several projects begun, and can do it while I read. An obvious choice really.
  7. Sewing — another obvious choice.
  8. Singing — I guess I already used this one.
  9. Writing, blogging — well, yeah.

I like this list, actually. It’s not challenging, especially, but I think it’s clear that this summer is not my summer for challenges.

Saturday morning is for figuring out how to learn your hobby. Anything on that list I either know already or have books for. Saturday afternoon is for shopping and setting up a space — already done, really. Good thing, since I have work and a couple of meetings tomorrow. I may be able to find time to choose a project, gather everything for it, and get started.

Sunday the plan is simply to cotinue with the hobby, on the theory that we’ll get in the habit of doing a little bit every day.

The next makeover is a Brain Makeover. Read and play games, they say. Learn something through lessons.

I read and play brain games anyway. And I think I got as far as Lesson 5 on Craftsy in my tailoring class. It looks as though I can combine Makeovers 4 & 5 in a creativity-and-learning reboot.