Soft-Summer-chart2 It’s halfway through the summer and, apart from my one week of study on the 7 Deadly Sins, I have not even come up with a summer project. Last year I prepared properly and only did about half of the studies, if that. I guess I’m even.

I had thought that I might finish up my studies from last year, but it doesn’t seem to be happening.

I am therefore going to switch over and be completely frivolous. I have a bbok called The Weekend Makeover plus two books by Lois Joy Johnson: Make Up Wake Up and Wardrobe Wake Up.

The Weekend Makeover contains 12 weekend makeovers and if I had started it at the beginning of the summer it would have been the perfect length.Now I’ll have to hurry a bit or skip some things. Fortunately the holiday means I have an extra weekend to kick off. I think a long weekend will give me a chance to cover the first three makeover chapters, which together constitute a Health & Beauty Makeover.

The first chapter is a Diet Makeover. This will of course be easy, since I know I am not allowed to have anything in the Evil 6, which pretty much covers all processed foods, junk foods, indulgent foods… I need a bit of a restart on this plan, obviously, but the steps for the makeover are as follows:

  • Friday night (which will be tonight) remove all old, outdated, and unwholesome foods from your home. Apart from a frozen pie for the holiday, I have none of those things.
  • Saturday morning, have a healthy breakfast and go buy fresh produce, whole grains, lean meats, and nuts. This is of course what I currently have in my house. Saturday morning is my regular grocery day.
  • Saturday afternoon, organize the kitchen, including cutting up fruit and veggies so they’ll be easy to grab for snacks.
  • Saturday night have a delicious, relaxed meal and savor it, and then clean the kitchen so you’ll have a clean and organized kitchen. I clean the kitchen throughly on Saturdays and my husband does a slapdash job most evenings. I’ll take that job back and do a good job, and my husband will be happy.
  • Sunday, make a meal schedule. In writing. I’ll whip that out tonight.

Chapter Two is the Workout Makeover. I have a plan and I do work out fairly regularly, but I want to do more. I’m going to do this one.

  • Friday night you decide what workouts you’re going to do. I currently do Wii Fit at 5:30 a.m. most weekdays — at least three. I want to add a 5:00 p.m. dog walk and three gym visits a week. I’ll write that down along with my meal schedule.
  • Saturday morning, pack your gym bag and choose a gym. Mine is packed and I have a gym membership already.
  • Saturday afternoon, buy gym clothes. I’m skipping this one, since I’m saving up for a holiday. Then workout.
  • Saturday night, have a hot bath.
  • Sunday, exercise again and write the exercise plan in on the calendar for the week.

Chapter Three is a Beauty Makeover.

  • Friday night, which will actually be Friday night, you clean out all your beauty products. There’s a lot of detail on how to do this, and I plan to read it and follow the advice.
  • Saturday morning is time to develop inspiration and make a list of needed stuff.
  • Saturday afternoon is time to shop for whatever is missing from the list.
  • Saturday night, develop an evening make up look.
  • Sunday, develop a daytime look and go out. Then add all the beauty regime items to the calendar.

Okay, I think this will do for my holiday weekend. My husband and #1 son are working, #1 daughter is going to the lake with friends, and the other kids are out of town. I have some time to myself and I plan to enjoy this health and beauty makeover.