I passed a major weight loss milestone today. I’m down another size in jeans, too.

I’ve been feeling frustrated about my weight loss recently because the recent disruptions in my carefully constructed healthy living habits interfered with the fairly steady weight loss I’ve been enjoying this year. But this is just a reminder for me that weight loss is more about problem solving, persistence, and attitude than about slavish reliance on habits.

Okay, slavish reliance on habits is what got me to this milestone. But I can work around changes:

  • My 30 minutes of Wii stepping got messed with. Okay, I can take a walk in the lovely morning air.
  • Having two men at home keeps me from daily fish and salad lunches. I can see it as an opportunity to increase my repertoire of healthy meals.
  • I’m tempted by pasta and breads now, because they’re in my kitchen. But I’m less tempted to give in to cravings and mindless snacking, because there are people watching and probably judging.

Revolutions are built on victories.