I spent the day minding the Baby. We took a couple of walks on the sidewalk on our block, holding hands. We cleaned the kitchen and baked Morning Glory Muffins. Then we had homemade chicken soup and muffins for lunch.

We read a story, played ball and farm, colored, and played lots of impromptu games involving spools of thread and tart tins and such. She wouldn’t take a nap, but it was a great pleasure to play with her. And I got in 8,000 steps today.

I got Charlotte the Fox’s body finished and the head sewn on. At this point, the Baby grabbed it, called it “Bun” as in “bunny,” and cuddled it for an hour or more.

I look forward to finishing the fox, and it’s okay if the Baby thinks it’s a bunny.

#2 son will be staying here tonight and heading back to Colorado in the morning.

He’s having dinner with a friend, and I am taking a bit of time to knit the fox’s limbs and watch more Downton Abbey.