Rough day. I’m sick, #2 daughter turned down our job offer, #1 son needed help with his paper — and after I took half an hour or so out of my 12 hour workday, all spent writing, he decided that he just couldn’t write his paper and hung around watching sports TV instead.

A meeting this afternoon on precise shades of blue and yellow, and I’m totally in agreement that these things matter a lot, but it’s hard to keep the right level of excitement if you don’t feel well. Almost exactly twelve hours after I started working, I finally finished the last blog post (not very good, honestly — I may replace it tomorrow).

Now I’m out here waiting for my husband to finish cooking his dinner, composed of innards which I won’t eat, so that I can boil myself an egg.

Okay, let’s also admit that #1 son brought me breakfast and cooked lunch, including enough leftovers that I was able to warm some up for dinner, too. He wrapped gifts to put under the tree. Also, the Schwan’s man brought a pie. I plan to have a slice.

So, yeah, I had planned to find a really miserable Christmas carol, but the Village Voice did it way better than I could have, listing five utterly depressing songs with their videos and snarky commentary.

So, hey, let me offer you something transcendentally beautiful instead: “O Magnum Mysterium.” I think that dinner and a hot bath might followed by going straight to bed will help.