It’s a beautfiul autumn day, and I am not working. I did not quite manage to sleep through my husband’s alarm at 2:46 a.m., and then as I tried to go back to sleep and sort of managed it, I thought about what a bad wife I am. I don’t get up and make his coffee, I ordered pizza last night instead of cooking his dinner, I don’t dress nicely or paint my face unless I’m going out, and I haven’t cleaned the house properly in ages.

In my drowsy state, I determined that I would get up today and clean the house completely today.

I cleaned the living room. I have partially cleaned the bathrooms and plan to finish them. I did the grocery shopping, I’m baking bread, and I intend to cook dinner tonight.

My husband should be happy.

However, I am planning to stop for a bit and read and knit. I am seriously behind on my present-making, and I think my husband will enjoy it more if I am scrubbing the kitchen when he comes home — given that there is food for him to eat.

I completely missed Kitchen Week and Pantry Week of the Holiday Grand Plan, so I’m seriously behind on that as well, but there is a day left in Family Room week and I don’t have one, so I may get caught up on the cleaning, if nothing else.

The thing is, my work is subject to wild oscillations.

It’s normal when you’re having robust growth to have spells when there’s too much work to do, and then you use the additional income to hire more people and there’s enough work to go around and money is a bit tight, and then work grows just a bit more and everyone is happy for a while until the growth becomes excessive again. We just seem to have this pattern going at an unreasonable speed.

Nonetheless, I am having a day off and I intend to enjoy it completely, and also to get things under control so things will be smoother for a while. Perhaps I will also be a better wife.