Yesterday was difficult. Holidays are hard after a death, and it was the first time the family had been together since the memorial service.  It was also hard to sing about joy in church, under the circumstances. Holy Week is hard on church musicians; I performed in six services, singing about death and joy in roughly equal measures. In the last one, I just wept through the handbell piece and then skipped out to finish deviling eggs.

The meal turned out well and the visit was pleasant, though I definitely talked too much.

That’s an enormous dish of Potatoes Anna there, and Bonanza’s delicious bread in the back corner,and my mother’s flatbread,  and a fresh strawberry pie below.

Pineapple upside down cake, while it is  nicer to eat if you use crushed pineapple, doesn’t look as pretty as if you do the pineapple rings and maraschino cherries.

That’s okay.

I’m starting the week with a tidy work area and a good long list of billable work. My daughters and I are beginning our “book club” with The Creative Entrepreneur by Lisa Sonora Beam. This week we’re doing chapters 1 and 2, which include “what do you want to do when you grow up?” parts, “What is your USP?” parts, and “what skills and tools do you need to get so you can succeed?” These are all good questions. I’m pretty solid on the first two sets, but I don’t know about the third. Sometimes I think that accounting skills are the thing that would make the most difference, and sometimes I think that continually increasing my tech skills is the key, and sometimes I think that partnering with other people who have those skills is a more practical approach.

The final section of Life@Work is called “Support and Structure,” and The Creative Entrepreneur talks about that quite a bit as well. A lot of my work is about supporting others. I’ve had help and support from quite a few people this year (it’s two days till the anniversary of my job loss). I think I’m doing well with my work. I have some good goals, I’m making good progress toward them, and most things are going well.

Some things are not going well. I have to take better care of myself physically. I’ve joined Weight Watchers online and am starting their Momentum Walk-It Challenge today. I hope this will provide enough support and structure that I’ll eat right and exercise. I don’t know where the support and structure will come from that could lead to my getting enough sleep, but I think that’s an essential, too.

I also have to get on top of my bookkeeping. I’m going to make myself a 4:00 pm appointment daily to work through the online training and get my system up and running. 4:00 is when my family comes home and interrupts me anyway. And if I’m going to cook a proper healthy dinner for the family before we head out for rehearsals and stuff, that’s when I should start finishing up work.

I’m off to pack my gym bag, dress, and head out for class.